Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We caught it...Spring Fever!

The weather has been so nice since last week so we have done a lot of things outside lately. Brycen loves to be outside. We took Brycen to the park, but he still isn't too sure about all of that fun stuff. Josh blew some bubbles with him and he seemed to enjoy them. We also have been going on a lot of walks lately...and as long as the stroller is moving he is happy to be in there. Don't stop for a long period of time though b/c he wants out and on the ground! The circus is in town here so since the weather is so nice they fed the elephants their lunch for all who wanted to come and see. I didn't think he would enjoy it, but he was fascinated with watching them. Who knew elephants ate bananas...peel and all. Enjoy the pics from the park and seeing the elephants.

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